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The Magic Flute
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born January 27, 1757 and died on December 5, 1791. He did not have a long life at all; nevertheless; he was a musical genius. He was born into a musical family and started at the mere age of three playing the keyboard. Mozart composed so many different works and genres and that is why he’s well known all over the world. Although he is considered a musical genius, he started way too early. His childhood was rushed and he was forced to grow up. This led to many problem such as him having trouble managing his money and was constantly leading a life of fluctuating prosperity and poverty.
Mozart composing style was essentially operatic, even though Salzburg gave him no opportunity to use his gift in
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Their range was so amazing and sounded as if it required a lot of practice. I admire them for lasting the whole show with spotless vocals. You most definitely have to have an acquired taste for the style of music that they were singing, but not to appreciate it. Throughout the opera I had to constantly remind myself to keep a positive outlook on the performance; nevertheless, I developed a great reverence for opera singers by the end of the opera.
The title opera was The Magic Flute and the main character Tamino had a magic flute as a prop. The prop wasn’t a real flute though it was a pretend flute made out of a wooden stick. I am mentioning this because it was so impressive how every time the Tamino went to play the pretend flute the real flute player that was in the pit played along in perfect timing. It was so amazing how the musicians stayed right in time with
the actors and actresses. They were right on time for every scene, song, and shuffle made by the actors! I also absolutely loved the costumes they were so cute and they stood out. Each and every costume conveyed the character's role perfectly. If the role was dark and mysterious the costumes to portrayed it
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