Amalia Insani Essay

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Amalia Insani, the person that I’ve interviewed before. I find out that she’s a quite person, like everybody sees and in my perception as well, but there is something that she alsways hide for herself only. That is when she doesn’t like somebody. She admit that she is the kind of person who’s sensitive, she is a moody person, like litteraly moody. Her mood can be changed with only a small things that she doesn’t expect to be happen or when she expect something that doesn’t happen. It will ruin her good mood. She always try to be a kind person, but she’s an ordinary person, she can get angry but in different way. “I am really a cruel person if I get pissed off” she said. No one knows about this side of her because she always hide it, doesn’t want people to know that.…show more content…
But if everything goes wrong, instead of blabbing her angriness she prefer to sleep and forget about what happen. But if someone got her mad, it is good for one who’s making she mad to be scolded by her, it means that she will forget it later and won’t bring it back. If she keep it inside, it will be worse. She will make her friends think the same way about the person with her, without everybody knowing. She can definitely control her emotion but not her mood. Her mood booster are sleeping and eating. The second person I’ve interviewed is Intan Apriani. She’s a kind person, everybody knows it. She’s kinda feminin and have a low bravery, most people say that. But deep in her heart, she doesn’t want to be called weak even though she knows she is. There’s a person that she really doesn’t like because that person always say that she’s so weak and not accept her the way she is. But still, she can’t get mad at that person because that person is one of her best friend. She’s affraid to tell about her true feelings because she doesn’t want to hurt anybody, especially her
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