Amanda Identity Analysis

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Across the globe there are many people with all different identities, but what is identity? Identity indicate's who or what (someone or something) is. Within one's identity are personality characteristics of who he or she is. For Amanda two of her identity characteristics are independence and stubbornness. These two characteristic traits have been caused by a significant event in her life. And now shape who she is and how she communicates.

As a child Amanda went through many different changes in life. Through each divorce her family went through the more independent she became. For Amanda, independence also brought along the characteristic trait of stubbornness. She believes that these two characteristics go hand in hand. She first had that
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A few years ago Amanda dated a guy who loved to buy her gifts. However her personality did not like that. It wasn't that she didn't appreciate the gift but it was more that her independent side didn’t need someone, especially a male, to buy her anything. She could buy the purse herself. For instance, this young man had bought her a very expensive purse "just because." Amanda remembers returning home and being very disappointed that he had done this. She wanted to buy this purse herself. She didn’t want it to be bought for her or just handed to her. She felt that when someone did something like this for her that it's because they want to be better than her and or have her rely on them. Also because of her stubbornness she was very reluctant when it came to accepting that gift. In the end, she ended up secretly giving that purse to a friend and going to purchase that same purse herself. She did not tell the guy that she did this. But instead kept that to herself just so that she didn't upset him, or hurt him. Amanda let him think that that was the same purse he had given her. While it didn't affect her relationship directly she did allow her characteristics to effect her relationship indirectly when it came to her
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