Amanda Knox Essay

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9 October 2012 The muder of Meredith Kercher was covered very differently from beginning to end. Media bias was present on both sides of guilty and not guilty. The story was hard to keep straight as information was either left out or presented falsely. News articles presented soon after a story, is useful for awareness of the issue; however, exact details are generally not presented fairly or true fully. An article written in 2007 was one of the first published after the murder of Meredith Kercher. This article has valid information; however, important details were left out which made Amanda seem guilty. NBC did a respectable job at walking the reader through Merediths murder. They mentioned suspects, cause of death, and interviewed…show more content…
Amanda who is the prime suspect, changed her story over and over again during the first few weeks following the murder. Her first story was that neither she nor her boyfriend, Rafaelle, were present at the apartment during the murder. She says they were at Rafaelles smoking pot and having sex ( Murphy Denis). Just five days later her story changed again. She claimed she was present at their apartment as well as Lumamna, who she claimed killed Meredith. However, during her court trial, she confessed that Lumumna was never present and that she made the confession up. Her final confession came back to the first: that she was never at the apartment the night of November 1, and that she didn’t remember much of the night because of the weed. Another thing covered in Denis Murphy’s, NBC news article was hat Amanda claimed to have returned on the morning of November 2nd and saw traces of a break in, blood on the carpet, but was not alarmed. Amanda then showered and returned to Ralealles houses. They both returned to the apartment around 12:30pm when the police showed up and broke down Meredith’s door to find the gruesome murder scene. Murphy, an NBC news journalist, did a great job of collecting quotes from both sides of Amanda’s personality. When asked about Amandas personality traits, Alexandra, a friend of Amanda’s, stated “Generous, kind, genuine, optimistic bubbly. Pretty much all the good words that you can find in the dictionary, she
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