Amanda Knox and Italy's Legal System

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On the night of November 1st 2007 in Peruglia Italy, Meredith Kercher was murdered by being stabbed in the neck. Kercher’s roommate, Amanda Knox had returned home on the morning of November 2nd, from spending the night with her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito. Later, Knox returned to Sollecito’s apartment and explained that she had observed small speckles of blood in the bathroom, the front door ajar, and Kerchers bedroom door locked. Kercher’s body was found half naked, and under a duvet after police broke down the door to Kercher’s bedroom. Knox was interrogated on multiple times without an attorney present. She was slapped on the back of the head and forced to visualize a probable scenario, of which the police took as an admission of guilt…show more content…
Judges are the evidence gatherers and investigators, not the attorneys. Defense attorneys may only petition the judge, or judges, to ask certain questions. Cases are not determined by juries, but rather are determined by the judges. Usual criminal cases are presided over by a three judge panel, and no jury, while more severe criminal cases are presided over by two senior judges and six citizens. The eight panel jury includes the judges who also vote on guilt, and help guide the other six jury members on how to vote. The judges are considered civil servants, and usually have not previously practiced law. There are many different branches of judicial power within the Italian judicial system. The Courts of First Instance have general jurisdiction over all civil and criminal disputes. The Courts of second instance are an appeals court for the courts of first instance. New evidence and testimony can be submitted in the appeals court, and is presided over by a three judge panel. The Court of cassation (Corte di cassazione) is the highest court in Italy, but is another appellate court deemed with the task of appeals that were ruled on by the courts of second instance. The outcome of the Knox trial was largely dependent on the Italian legal system. The prosecutor is in charge of the investigation and is able to twist the evidence to

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