Amanda Mclaurin. Informative Outline. Topic:Rape Culture.

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Amanda McLaurin Informative Outline Topic: Rape Culture Specific Purpose: To inform the audience of how our society has become a rape culture. Thesis: Due to overexposure our society has become desensitized to the effects of rape and sexual abuse allowing a rape culture to flourish. I. Introduction a. Attention Getter: What is rape? By definition provided by, “Rape is the penetration, no matter how slight, by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.” A majority of rapes, go unreported for often times the offender is someone to victim knew. Transforming: A Rape Culture says that if the perpetrator was a spouse or lover seventy-five percent of the time the victimizations go unreported, seventy-one…show more content…
It’s in the forefront of our lives, our movies, music, on our social media feeds. a. It is argued by many especially in the feminist community that it is in the porn industry that the problems of rape culture stem from. i. In Gail Dines section in Transforming A Rape Culture, she states that pornography viewed as a teaching tool almost like a how-to manual using words and images on legitimizing and objectivizing women as sex objects. Violence against the women within the pages or on video is so sexualized it becomes invisible as to what it really is. (p.107) ii. It was the magazine industry that brought pornography to mainstream audiences. Starting off with the success of Playboy, followed by Penthouse and Hustler which laid groundwork for the multibillion dollar industry it is today. iii. Playboy the most well-known is viewed as soft-core while Hustler is hardcore for it shows “pink” and being the first nationally distributed magazine to do so which it takes pride in. “Pink” is the term used by the industry for spread female genitalia. (p. 108) iv. Today’s pornography portrays women as insatiable sex objects who crave bondage, anal sex, multiple penetration, and outright abuse. Violent sex has become routine in pornography. Many videos document gang rape and present it as consensual sex. The images are not classified as violent for pornography

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