Amanda Todd On Bullying Research Paper

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Bullying Paper Social media can seem like an amazing world where you can do and say whatever you want! But… it can be a whole new world where bullies live. Many students with disabilities are likely to end up as targets of bullying because of something they do not have control of. Others like Amanda Todd become a victim of cyberbullying by opportunity and chance. Once a day six out of ten kids witness bullying or are bullied according to do something .org.
Nine in 10 Massachusetts parents of children with disabilities say their child has been a victim of bullying at school. In over half of the cases, the bullying included being hit, kicked or chased. Many students with disabilities are already addressing challenges in the academic environment. When they are bullied, it can directly impact their education.
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Amanda Todd In 2012, 15 year-old Amanda Todd committed suicide after more than two years of relentless harassment online.Todd said that the man put the photo online and sent it to everyone she knew. Even after moving towns and schools multiple times, the man continued to follow her online and use her photo, she said. The photo and the bullying online and in school drove her to depression, drugs, alcohol, cutting and a suicide attempt with bleach. Todd said she "wanted to die so bad" when her dad found her in a ditch. She drank bleach when she went home and had to be rushed to the hospital to have her stomach pumped, she said.

As you can see, many teens and adults have suffered from bullying and have committed suicide. Children with disabilities are too often bullied because they are different. We are reminded of the damage done to victims by this anonymous quote, “What's the point of bullying? To feel better? Listen, you’ll never feel any better if the only thing you know is to make others
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