Amarillo Angels Case Study

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To address the emotional and physical needs faced by children in foster care and their caretakers, the Amarillo Angels organization seeks to provide gifts and hope for foster families through its services.1 Hundreds of thousands of children are in foster care across the United States, and the average child in the foster care system spends over a year in foster care.2 The state of Texas faces a foster care crisis in which not enough family placements are available to meet the needs of an abundance of children in foster care.3 Locally, agencies in Amarillo must often send foster children needing placements to other counties or states.4 While foster parents receive some financial reimbursement to provide for the children placed in their…show more content…
The remaining children who exited the foster care system in 2015 either were emancipated, transferred to the care of a guardian or an alternative relative, or left the system under other circumstances. These children spent an average of 13.5 months in the foster care system.2 Foster Care System in Texas and on a Local Scale Across the state of Texas in July 2016, children in foster care numbered at about 16,000, and 12,000 of these children had been in the foster care system for at least a year.4 During the same year, the Dallas News reported a foster care crisis in Texas with an excess of children in need of care and a limited amount of places in which these children could receive care.3 Foster care children in need of homes sometimes must spend nights in the offices of Child Protective Services before they can find a safe place to stay.3 Locally in the Amarillo area, 245 children were in foster care in Potter County and 113 children were in foster care in Randall County in May 2017.10 However, only 130 homes within the counties were licensed for foster care placements. Clay Thomas, the statewide director for Arrow Child and Family Ministries, estimated that Amarillo foster care agencies send about 100 children to other counties or states each month because of the local shortage of foster care families.10 Process and

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