Amari's Takeover: A Short Story

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“Take it off” I shivered as the voice whispered in my ear, taking a deep breathe I did as he said. “Slowly, I want to see everything. That’s a good girl.” Trying to control my shaking hands I finish and turn around with a sexy smile on my face, just a few more times and I will have the money to save my father, just a few more times and I will be free. Schooling my expression as I swallowed down the bile that threating to come out, I let him touch me, going alone with this silly game. As he gets closer and closer to my tunnel I shut my eyes and go to my happy place. Right now I’m in the car singing loudly with my twin to Bruno Mars. We are zooming down the road smelling the fresh scent of honey suckers, breathing in the crisp air while making our way to Six Flags. I’m there in that place where I’m truly happy. “Open for me” Squeezing my eyes tighter I did as he said, taking a deep breath as he stole the last of my innocence. “Ah Amari that’s was the best, you keep this up, I
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Do you want a play by play, a fucking map or should I just write it down.” After all the craziness of last night I finally snap, I really don’t have time to put up with anything today. “Well I guess you woke up on the wrong side today” rolling my eyes I went to get my back pack for school. “Amari look at me, what’s with the blood all over the sink, are you sick or something.” I really hate my name especially because it always associated with hers, you can’t say one without saying the other Amaya and Amari. “What” I finally answered wishing we didn’t have to share a room or looks, but that’s kind of hard to avoid with us being twins and all. We both have dark skin, hazel eyes we got from our mother, full lips and a wide forehead. I love my sister but I hate looking at her it’s like looking at another image of what I supposed to be; sweet, innocent, smart and whatever else society labeled for women to
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