Amateur City

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Amateur City, a city filled with confusion and intolerable human behavior. In this detective fiction novel, Katherine Forrest demonstrates the social, sexual and power dynamic of each character which all leads to the curious homicide of Fergus Parker. In Forrest’s Amateur City there are multiple analysis regarding the characters of the “Modern Office” also including the detective Kate Delafield. Amateur City portrays a huge hierarchy of the predominant human society in which the class of race, ethnicity and gender are all divided in the image of Forrest’s characters. The social, sexual and power dynamic of the “Modern Office” provides a powerful message in Forrest’s Amateur City, which clearly magnifies the realistic and true nature of…show more content…
Kate is also very tough and modest like most men, who are raised and taught to hide their emotions in public. However deep inside Kate is still a female. In the second investigation which Kate had with Ellen, Kate does end up allowing herself to break down with tears in the midst of her conversation about her dead lover Anne. Here, Forrest shows that even though some women are masculine, they are limited to an extent because they are in custody to the biological determinism which determines the limits for the advancing of success based on sex (Rubin Thinking Sex). It is important that Forrest was able to show both sides of Kate: the tough masculine side and the soft elegant feminine side. Gail Freedman suffers the aspect of the social repression in the Modern Office. Although Gail is a supervisor, he is intentionally disrespected among his peers. “Who did I see, that it? The head nigger” (Forrest 57). This is a very racial statement from Fred Grayson. Gail’s image is very positive according his conversations. Although Gail is not white, he is also not bias among genders. “Yes, forgive my prejudice and sexist remark” (Forest 24). This conversation was between Gail and Kate during Kate’s investigation. Gail respects that Kate is a female and catches his verbal consumptions. Forrest characterizes Gail as a very honest and fair person,
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