Amateurism Vs Amateurism

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The debate has been going on for nearly a hundred years, with several lawsuits and court hearings still happening to this day. Even though some progress is being made, most people still think more reform is necessary. Many people believe the term amateurism is dead, arguing that college athletes are not amateurs and should be paid for their commitment for their school. Other people, on the other hand, argue that they are students first, and should be focusing on their academics, and paying them would make sports first and education a second priority. They also argue that athletes are already paid with scholarships that cover book fees, housing and meal plans. This report is dedicated to recognizing and understanding both sides, while allowing the reader to make a decision on both sides based on information provided. College sports have been in our tradition since the eighteen hundred. The sports were enjoyed by the fans very much. In a five-year span however, fourth five deaths occurred on the playing field. The president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, ordered the system to change, thus creating the NCAA. Throughout the early nineteen hundred, many school recruited students by paying them. In some cases, athletes on teams were not even enrolled in the schools. More reforms took place, creating athletic scholarships to uphold the amateurism concept still used today. In today’s world, the only payment athletes receive, are the academic scholarships that
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