Amaya Gaming Ceo David Baazov

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Amaya Gaming CEO David Baazov to contest insider trading charges When David Baazov (Amaya Gaming CEO) was arrested for insider trading, it shocked the entire online casino industry, shaking it to its very core. The man, who was once considered an industry ever-present, was knocked from his pedestal, with Amaya Gaming suffering as a result. However, in a twist to proceedings, following the filing of charges against him, Baazov has pleaded not guilty. Announced just this past Monday by Quebec-based securities regulator Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), it looks as if Baazov is set to fully contest the charges brought against him. AMF also noted that two other accused individuals, along with the 3 companies in questions, also submitted…show more content…
With the finger now firmly pointed at Baazov, along with 13 other individuals, both Amaya and the online casino industry as a whole now awaits is the outcome of what is sure to be a lengthy trial. XIN Gaming taps into famed Chinese literature with the release of Monkey King Since launching it is safe to say that XIN Gaming has gone on to dominate the Asian markets as far as casino game development is concerned. Rattling off hit tile after hit title, it seems that what XIN Gaming are able to produce resonates with Asian based players much more than Western focused games. Strengthening its position and giving gamblers something new to get stuck into, XIN Gaming have raised the curtain on brand new flagship game Monkey King. Taking inspiration from classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, this new game is set to enchant, enlighten, and entertain unlike any slot tile that has come before. Known by tens of millions of people and considered to be the ‘ultimate’ when it comes to Chinese literature, Monkey King plays as if it was pulled directly out of the novel it was inspired by. Featuring 5-reels, 3-rows, 25-paylines and plenty more there is clearly a good reason as to why XIN Gaming has labelled this title with a “flagship” tag. Taking players on a Street Fighter-esque journey, every player must battle their way past four “boss” characters in order to secure big wins. For each “boss” that the player
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