Amazed by Cloning

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Cloning is an amazing complex thing! In this paper a person will learn some basic cloning information, the history of cloning, good and bad things about cloning, human cloning, and bringing back endangered species with the use of cloning. Information includes the processes and some animals that have been cloned. The history includes the different cloning achievements starting with the first artificial twin. The good and bad parts will of course talk about the pros and cons of cloning. Human cloning tells what is the use of it and how people feel about it. The last part talks about the possibility of using cloning to protect endangered species, and if it would be enough to help the population. If cloning is used right it could change the world. It could help people to determine ways of curing diseases and viruses. It could help farmers produce stronger and leaner cattle. Many people in todays society have heard of cloning and think of putting something in one machine and another one comes out the other machine, but that’s not even close to how it actually works. A better story would be Dolly the sheep. Dolly was the first mammal made through the process of somatic nuclear transfer, and was cloned from an adult sheep udder cell (The History Of Cloning). Cloning is one thing that is rarely talked about on the news, but could be used in so many ways to change the world as we know it.
First let’s learn about cloning. Cloning is defined as any process that

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