Amazing Grace By John Newton

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Amazing Grace commonly refers to the song written by John Newton published in 1779; however, it’s hidden meaning is not as commonly known. It talks about John Newton’s person experiences, towards Slave Trade. He became a servant of a slave trader, was later saved and became a captain of slave ship. Knowing how it felt not to own yourself, he left his captaincy and looked to God for forgiveness, as, selling men was inhuman. This song is referred to throughout the movie Amazing Grace which captures the process of abolishment of the slave trade and shows William Wilberforce single handing demolishing it. However, Amazing Grace (2006) is not a reliable or representative historical source, which can be established by examining the depiction of the key characters and events such as the abolishment of the slave trade. Amazing Grace portrays William Wilberforce, seen on the screen, as beginning the abolishment movement of slave trade and demolishing it single handily with little help from others. Although, Wilberforce might have been the face of the abolishment movement he did not do it all by himself as the movie has portrayed. There were plenty of influential men who stood behind him that started the movement long before, and had spent hours, months and years of their life dedicated to the abolishment. Wilberforce’s job was to be the voice in the parliament giving evidence which others had collected for him such as signatures of the public and evidence of the slave trade.
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