Amazon : A Global Online Retailer And Web Service Provider Essay

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INTRODUCTION Competitive advantage is the favourable position a company has over other companies in the market and by providing different goods and services to their consumers (Gao and et. al., 2010). This advantage is the set of innovative and the different products offered for sale, so that the company’s profit can increase. This report is based on Amazon a global online retailer and web service provider. Amazon provides a broad range of products that includes apparels, beauty and health products, auto and industrial items, electronics, grocery, jewellery, kids and baby products, movies, music, sports goods, toys, books, games, tools and others. It also provides services such as home delivery and shipping, website hosting and other web related services. It offers its products via company-owned retail websites. It also produces and sells Kindle devices. Amazon offer programs that allow authors, musicians, filmmakers, app developers and others to publish and sell content. Geographically, Amazon operates in North America and other international locations through its affiliates. Amazon has its headquarters in Seattle, the US. In 1995 launched on the web and in 1997 the company became the first retailer to secure consumers and the number of the consumers is one million. In 1998 it entered into the online music and video, business and in 1999, it increased its business by selling toys, electronic, tools and hardware. In 2001, Amazon reported its first net profit

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