Amazon : Amazon And Its Disruption

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4 AMAZON Amazon And Its Disruption Assignment number 5a1, DB8004-02, Winter 2015 Michael Raye Tucker Capella University 104 Brett Drive Elizabethtown, Ky Instructor: Dr. Marbury AMAZON 1 Introduction Within this paper, an overview of strategy, innovation, planning, and ethics is provided in correlation with a case study examination of the application of these concepts as they pertain to Amazon. initially formed and incorporated as an e-commerce company on May 28, 1996. For over twenty years, Amazon has been a very strong performing company regarding sales of on-line retail items. Electronic devices such as the Kindle Fire, merchandise obtained from third party sellers, are sold…show more content…
For this reason, there are many companies in today?s marketplace (global or domestic) that fail to have a strategy (Porter, 1996). Is it because the threat comes from outside the company because of changes when dealing with technology, or did the behavior of the company?s competition radically change (Porter, 1996). The three components of a good strategy statement are scope, advantage, and the objective (Rukstad, 2008). Furthermore, strategy statements must begin with the definition of the end that the strategy is trying to achieve (Collins and Rukstad, 2008). Business leaders have been studying the theory of strategy for years with no clear answer on what the definition of strategy is. Most business leaders today tend to think about strategy in many different ways. Furthermore, there are those who believe that if you analyze what is present, anticipate any changes that may occur within the company?s industry; it is only then that one can plan on how the company will succeed in the future. However, the company must still understand that there are those leaders who exist that think planning for the future is too difficult, and they would rather see their strategies evolve organically. Harvard professor and strategy expert Michael Porter, explains how a company?s strategy
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