Amazon, Apple, And Google Case

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Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google Case I. Contested Boundaries Definition: Boundary Contesters Amazon Apple Facebook Google 1 eRetailing Market (General Merchandise, Digital Media Storage & Purchasing, and Platform for3rd Party Sellers) X X X 2 Online Advertising Market (Search, Display, audiences / Social Networking, Ads Distribution Platforms, Mobile) X X X X 3 Cloud Computing & Cloud Storage X X 4 Mobile Market (App Ecosystems for 3rd Party Developers, Mobile Hardware, and Mobile OS, Adverstising) X X X X Fig 1. Contesters Boundaries The Tech industry is a world where every player is encroaching on every other player’s turf; the game is brutal and the stakes are high. Today’s dominant player in one market may be unseated…show more content…
Ads are being delivered to them when they use search engines, log on to their social networks, visit any site which has subscribed to any of the competing online ad distribution platforms, through the apps on their mobile devices, when they browse their emails, and while consuming their digital media. Today, with about one-fifth of all advertising dollars going to the online market, there are great opportunities for growth and the big 4s are intent on getting a bigger piece of the pie than the competition by coming up with better ways to attract audiences. This sector has seen a lot of major players come and go in the last 10 years, but some have managed to persist although their dominance is constantly being challenged. Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage has become an area of great interest to companies looking to take advantage of the enormous opportunities created when B2B dollars are involved. Ever since Amazon successfully demonstrated a business model where it provided a robust location for businesses to host and run their applications, as well as store their data, other players have raced to position themselves as leaders in that arena. Today, computer systems, email systems, and data warehouses for some of the world’s major companies and institutions rest on the backbone of some of the companies offering Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage. It is an area where growth opportunities are on an incline and the big 4s, and
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