Amazon Business Strategy 1

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Amazon Business Strategy

Amazon Business Strategy Successful business partnerships are the driving force behind competitive online retailers. Innovated strategies, business techniques, and customer relations management (CRM) will further enhance Amazon’s customer satisfaction and loyalty. Amazon uses e-business, e-commerce, and data management to gain competitive advantages against other online retailers. “No company exemplifies a new business era of the internet more than What started out as a book company emerged as a serious competitor to dozens of industries” (Pearlson & Saunders, 2005, p. 189). Amazon’s pursuit to become the e-commerce leader world-wide will require continuous
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Amazon then uses this information and knowledge to market new product releases based on each customer’s unique interests. Possible data management issues may stem from the length of time it takes Amazon to update information on their website. Invalid data can cause confusion on what products are currently available. A customer’s online shopping experience may end negatively, if during checkout they discover some selections are unavailable due to a negative inventory. Another concern is maintaining and updating security networks needed to verify personal information, and protecting customers against identity theft. Amazon uses e-business and e-commerce for the buying and selling of goods and services via the Internet while collaborating with business partners and their customers. As the relationship between e-business and e-commerce continues to evolve, their similarities could be considered synonymous. E-business includes any organization that conducts business electronically between or within a business. E-commerce is an electronic interactive session that provides for the exchange of goods and services between other businesses or customers. The Business-to-Business (B2B) concept used by Amazon employs computer networks including the Internet, to enhance communication between various business partners. This is a necessary function to maintain
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