Amazon Case Analysis

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INTRODUCTION: opened for business in July 1995, nobody in that time was optimistic for this brand new business model. People still enjoy the physical store, and skeptical on online shopping. However, with more than a decade efforts, Amazon was named the world’s top brand ahead of common names like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and so on. Amazon and its online business model had creased more than $34 billion revenue, and equally 80 million people visit every month. In order to achieve greater success, Amazon need to overcome the challengeable external environment, strengthen organization structure, fulfill the product line, and leverage its brand strategy. CURRENT MISSION, GOAL, AND STRATEGY The…show more content…
COMPETITIVE: faced many direct and indirect the competitors, the direct competitors such as physical retailer, other online e-commerce website, book publishers, and distributors and so on. In the meantime, Amazon also directly challenged by company with similar business model from worldwide. Because the large profit margin of online business, Amazon also has a number of indirect competitors, including companies that provide e-commerce service such as eBay .com,, and It can be said in such a highly competitive environment, the must be very wary of external challenges. TECHNOLOGY: the key of Amazon. Com’s success is continually to improve the shopping experience for customers through development of intuitive and simple website navigation. It seems like simple request, has to work in its website design, testing, and optimization and h make sure excelled in the use of technology to personalize the customer’s shopping experiences. ECONOMIC: Due to the recession, the online sales have shortly decreased in previous year. But once the economic start to recover and people restore the confident about economy. The company’s business has back on the track, appeared largely increase in 2nd and 3nd quarter. STRATEGIC OPTION ANALYSIS: See the I/E, SPACE, TOWS and QSPM
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