Amazon Case Essay

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1-What does it mean to have the mission, “the earth’s most customer-centric company? How well is Amazon achieving this mission?
Mission statements define who you are, what you believe, and why you exist. They lay out the guiding principles by which you run your business. They set the course and tone by which your organization and all your employees operate.
Amazon’s mission statement is clear and bold. They seek to be the best-not the best online retail site in America or even North America, but the world-“Earth’s most customer centric company.” No one, no customer or employee can question this company’s focus and position. They set the bar high and they have backed their words up through performance.
I think they are going good on it.
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Amazon uses internet really efficiently. When customer goes on their website, they see that the recommendation products for themselves or if they don’t go on there, amazon sends them an email about new seller books or those books they might be interested in.
3- Which elements of Amazon’s marketing mix (remember the four P’s from chapter 2- product, place, price, and promotion) are most successful and which are least successful?
I think amazon’s promotion takes really huge place in their marketing mix. They know how to reach and keep the consumers but I can say the price is least successful because we know that some websites offers less price than amazon does.
4- What is the nature of competition faced by Amazon? Who are the major competitors on the Internet? Who are the major competitors in traditional forms of retailing? Who will win?
Amazon has a lot of competitors because of its place in the sector, such as Costco, Sam’s Club. Walmart. In Canada, Indigo books music, which recently merged with Canada’s top retail brand, Chapters offers strong competition both in its stores and online. Walmart and Barnes Nobles are also not only online competition those are also competitions for retailing.
In terms of question who will win? Whoever is the best that will win? I mean whoever carry out the 4P, I think they will win.
5- What components of the political-legal environment affect the marketing operations of Amazon and
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