Amazon Ceo Strategy Project

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Bus 109 CEO Project

Group Members:
John Kim
Jane Fong
Frank Lee
Christian Heredra
Duc Phan
Kung-Yen Lin
Yu-Ju Chien
Peter Huang

Here’s some articles I found that could start us off:

Sample Strategic Analysis Presentation:

Here are the 2 guidelines for Stage One that was given by the TA:
Stage One (Week 2)
Single Spaced
Business Block Format
* Current Situation * Major issues impacting the Board * Major competitive
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This sort of global expansion adds great complexity to the functionality of Amazon’s management, personnel, operation systems, technical performance, financial resources, and internal financial control and reporting functions. With the perplexity of current situations, Amazon may not be able to sustain growth effectively, which ultimately could bring damage to their reputation and limit their operating growth as well. . – PORTFOLIO ANALYSIS * 2.Portfolio Analysis (Chapter 7.3) * BCG’s Growth-Share Matrix – PARENTING STRATEGY * 3.Corporate Parenting * What organizational structure, management processes, and philosophy will foster superior performance from the company’s business units? *

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