Essay about Amazon.Com Case Study

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1. How would you define Amazon’s industry? What difficulties do you encounter identifying primary competitors and key lines of business?
Amazons primary industry is electronic commerce. At its core Amazon is an electronic commerce retailer. But over the years the brand has developed into something grander. Originally the company started out as an online bookstore but now has diversified its inventory to include dvds, software, video games, electronics, furniture, apparel, food, toys, and jewelry. Amazon has also become a producer of their own brand of consumer electronics, most notably their line of Kindle e-book readers, Fire Tablets, Fire TV, Fire phone, and is now a leading provider of cloud computing services. Now Amazon
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What do all these sites have in common? They are all multi-channel bricks and clicks meaning that in addition to an online shopping experience, they also offer a traditional retailing experience as well in the form of physical stores. Yet the site above all of them and most popular in terms of internet traffic is So how has Amazon achieved its current level of success without a physical manifestation of itself? Success at its core is often a case of being good and lucky. Amazon was no exception to the rule. From the start Jeff Bezos and his team did a lot of things well. A well-conceived business plan and an innovative business model that immediately set them apart from other online e-tailers and put them on the road to success. The ability to improve on its supply chain and distribution model, to take advantage of advancements in information management, to brand, market, and advertise itself correctly, and to execute all these initiatives successfully enabled Amazon to rise above its initial competitors and establish an enduring foothold in the market. An emphasis on customer service and relations ensured that a large percentage of new customers would turn into repeat clientele. Amazon successfully took the artificial and inhuman component of online shopping and put a caring human element into the act of clicking a button.

3. Given its internet base, can Amazon’s success be
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