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Question 1) How does create value for its customers? How has its approach to creating value changed since its founding? Amazon creates value for its customers by offering customer satisfactory services by managing retail operations with efficient use of technology. Operational efficiency is the strength of and supports the management to maintain its competitive advantage and enhance corporate performance. creates value for its customers by offering customers broad array of products to select from through their website and ensuring timely delivery of products to exhibit high level of commitment towards their business and customers was a venture into an emerging market of internet and had to…show more content…
Wholesalers e.g. C and S wholesale Grocers. IT allows retailers to order directly from their wholesale partners via their website. Retailers can check stocks and look at current promotions. This approach is more effective than depending entirely on merchandisers. Agents e.g. Avon Representatives. There are a number of different types of agents. One well known example is that of Avon cosmetics and their workforce of extremely loyal representatives. The representatives are in reality agents. eMarketing allows customers to choose between the services of their traditional Avon rep or the Avon Online Shop i.e. using an agent or going direct. Franchises e.g. KFC. There are many examples of franchises. The online equivalent of a franchise is an affiliation or 'affiliate.' This gives the franchise owner the opportunity to develop a network of affiliates that display goods, services or solutions on the affiliate website. A commonly cited example is that of So if you are a golf enthusiast, and you have developed a site that give tips on how to play better golf, then you can apply to for an affiliation that allows you to place tailored Amazon ad boxes on your site. They can be adapted to sell golfing books, and you as the site owner can adapt the ads to match the feel of your site. For every golf book sale that your leads generate, you are paid a commission. Vending and automated retailers e.g. Coke machines. Vending is very much based upon
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