Amazon Company Recognized Their Operations Into Two Parts

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Amazon Company recognized their operations into two parts which they are International and North America. Prime, Marketplace, and Amazon Web Services are three operations that Amazon have. Amazon Prime is a great thing to make the company improve more because it allows free two-day shipping and great prices for customers. Also, customers have an option to watch movies, videos, and play games. Amazon Marketplace has a high impact in Amazon revenues, and it allows third-party sellers to sell new and used items on Amazon Web Services offers a lot of features, and it started nine years ago, it also offers pay-as-you-go include cloud storage, networking, and computing services. Their marketing budget is increasing every year. They…show more content…
Opportunities and threats
Based on grocery sector, if Amazon Company keeps their food fresh their costs will increase, and also more customers are going to buy their grocery online because a lot of people don’t want to go to the store if they are busy or if there is traffic especially when they get off from work. So if they keep this thing in their mind and continue to do it, Amazon will be the best place to dominate this section of business. would have an opportunity to open physical stores because this company is growing every year with better annual net revenue. Also, holidays gifts and seasonal things will get more consumers to shop online on, and also promotional activities will also lead to get more consumers to shop on Amazon’s website.
Some of the threats the company have are shipping cost for some books is high, and it might take a long time to get a book, so that may divert customers to the physical bookstore because a lot of students cannot wait a lot to get their books especially if they have an exam or homework to do. One of the most important threats is when Amazon Company website goes down, they will lose revenue every single minute, and that will lead them to a negative impact on the company.
Amazon Competitors
One of the direct competitors to Amazon is Netflix because when Amazon made a Prime membership which has free videos, it became a direct competitor to Netflix because Netflix is an old

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