Amazon Drones Research Paper

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Going to the grocery store is always a long process that many people dislike. Many businesses have tried delivering groceries since the late 90's but it is very expensive and inefficient. Not a single business was able to establish a cheap efficient way to deliver groceries to your front door. After a few years of trying many methods, Google and Amazon are attempting to pick up goods at stores and deliver them to homes using route-optimization algorithms. This method seems great, however it is still on the pricy side. Google Express and AmazonFresh are not exactly cheap. Amazon is charging $299 per year to have this luxury service. Therefore, drone delivery experiments have been tested by numerous companies, like UPS. The drones are not the…show more content…
Inside the van, there are two racks that are filled with packages(groceries) that need delivered just like any other delivery truck. The robotic system grabs the respective package based on the next delivery and hands it to the driver. The robotic system can also grab a respective package and reach out the window to hand the package to the drones attached to the roof of the van. Those drones then deliver the package to the backyard of the delivery location. The aerial drones are for faster delivery to houses that are farther away from the road, therefore the van can deliver a package to a separate…show more content…
Once the vans are loaded with the proper packages, the in-warehouse vans will not make any errors since they are run by computers. Also the drones on top of the van will not run out of battery while delivering a package because the roof is the main source of power for the drones to recharge. Once all of the packages were confirmed deliveries, the van returns to the warehouse and repeats the cycle. Overall, the idea of this grocery delivery robot is a fantastic innovation. This will save people valuable time and cause less hectic stress of going to the store to buy their groceries. People simply have a lot of things to do nowadays and the last thing they want to do is go grocery shopping after a long day of work. They simply submit a grocery list to the company and wait a couple hours for the delivery at their front door. Nothing could be more convenient than
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