Amazon Inc. An American International Electronic Commerce Company

1299 WordsSep 19, 20146 Pages Inc is an American international electronic commerce company that started off as an online book store under the old name of Under the direction of Jeff Bezos, who incorporated the company in 1994, Amazon quickly expanded their scopes by selling various other items, besides just books, in order to create its now famous brand name. Today, Amazon sells “everything from A to Z,” hence the brand name, and has taken control of the online shopping market as the world’s leading online retailer in the world (Fabrice Guillaume’s e-Portfolio, EST 325: With all of these various products and services, Amazon has had to develop a divisional structure. This flexible structure works well for Amazon because the department heads for different departments of products and services get to focus on those resources and results as well as stay inclined with the organization’s performance. The CEO oversees the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), as well as the 8 departments: E-Commerce Platform, Business Development, International Retail, Web Services, Digital Media, North American Retail, Legal and Secretary, and Kindle. The CFO’s departments are the Real Estate and Control department, while International Retail oversees the Chinese, European, and Indian departments. There are numerous other departments as well, but the main idea is that the company is devised into numerous divisions, allowing for the flexible management structure be successful (Fabrice Guillaume’s
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