Amazon - International Expansion of an E-Tailer

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International Expansion of an e-tailer

„We seek to be Earth ́s most customer-centric company for three primary customer sets: consumer customers, seller customers and developer customers.”

The story of is a marvelous successful one. A company ́s biography which since the foundation in 19941 (followed by webpage launch one year later in 19952) became the world’s market leader in e-tailing by fully focusing on customer satisfaction and consequently aligning all organization activities, such as for example corporate strategy as well as technological portfolio, towards the consumer needs.

From day one Jeff Bezos leads with a conspicuous overall philosophy of customer orientation and
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The customer-centric approach is pervasive present in the organization and well-distributed on all hierarchies what obviously makes the difference and competitive value. (see also Exhibit B)

Today operates in 7 countries, which are covering the regions Americas, Europe as well as Asia. (see image on the right) In 2010 the share of sales outside North America amounted 45,31%, representing an amount of $15,5 billion with a sales growth rate of 33%.10 Referring to the expansion timeline and sequence of new markets entered, the approach of the countries targeted for the business model adaption – primarily focused on trade-volume and potential – is simple and economically worthwhile.

When pursuing international growth, there are market specifications, such as technological, political-legal and sociocultural conditions11, which need to be taken under consideration as whose recognition is significant. While the technological and political-legal progresses are under continuous development (e.g. internationalization, amalgamation of countries/regions, trade zones), intercultural differences are nearly steady but due to numerous dimensions not easily measurable and of high complexity. However, related to the general decision and first steps of market entries it is essential to be fully aware of all conditions of the target

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