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Jeff Bezos, Amazon.Com Values Jeff Bezos CEO of the biggest online retailer in the world, the people who knows him says he is incredibly optimistic and he has a way of infecting this to the people surrounding him. For example when the book barons at Barnes & Noble launched their rival Web site, Forrester Research chief George Colony famously predicted that Bezos's little venture was "Amazon.toast” and the shares fell from $50 to 6$ and still Bezos remained sanguine. Bezos believes in transparency and considers it one of the corners that the business should be built on in 1990s he said it that the “world is getting more transparent”. Also he is customer orientated nature he always sets plans to the customer’s benefit even…show more content…
As I have a watched the interview with Jeff Bezos he has mentioned that one of the things he knows is “it’s always day 1” which means that you should always be learning and there always more invention in the future, there is always more customer innovation and new ways to obsess over customers. This passion fits perfectly with the need of achievement. For the need of power Jeff obviously loves being in command since he has a goal to reach and all the people believes in him and since 1995 he is the only one who’s still in power till now from all the dot com’s giants. This will take us to the need of affiliation I can clearly say that this need is satisfied since all people in believe in Jeff and his vision of the future. Distinctive emotional intelligence competencies According to the “leadership experience book” it states that the
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