Amazon Kindle Self-Publishing: Publishing Your First Amazon

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Amazon Kindle Self-Publishing: Publishing Your First Amazon Kindle E-Book
By Colin L Marshall | Submitted On June 07, 2012

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Amazon Kindle is the newest trend in online sales, and everybody 's doing it... Why aren 't you? Maybe you 've become distracted or just detoured by what you feel to be a lack of "technical know-how", but rest assured, anyone can publish their own e-book through Kindle self-publishing by
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So when formatting your e-book, please keep these suggestions in mind.

After you 've gotten the writing of your e-book squared away, it 's time to create some catchy headline title pages, as well as acknowledgment pages. If you wish, you can insert a page break anywhere within your e-book that you feel a hard page break should be, and it will of course show within the final of your Amazon Kindle e-book. Many of you may find the technical aspects of word-processing difficult or time-consuming, and in this case, it 's better to simply outsource this portion of the e-book creation to a qualified professional that can help you get the "look and feel" you desire.

Once you 've got the "look and feel" you desire, just convert it to one of the accepted Amazon Kindle formats mentioned above, and then it 's "off" to create the most coveted portion of your e-book: the cover.

Creative E-book Cover Designs

In this business first impressions count. You 've only got one shot to "catch the eye" of your visitors, so you better make it count! Most e-book creators simply fail to take the time required to create quality e-book covers, and it shows not only through the visuals, but more importantly through their lack of sales. There are thousands of other e-books on Amazon, so be sure to
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