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Nguyen Quoc Khanh BUS 103 Case 3: Amazon: One E- Store to Rule Them All. 1. In what way does Bezos’s decision to develop and deliver the Kindle show systematic and intuitive thinking? First, Bezos has shown his intuitive thinking in the decision of unveiling Amazon Kindle, a new device that is completely outside Apple’s catalog though Amazon still sold Apple’s iPod. Furthermore, he introduced to Medias his product, it seemed like a declaration to Apple. Because Apple is a giant of technological industry, so the situation would be complex to be its competitor. However, it was the only way to make a technological evolution by Kindle. As a result, this situation required Bezos to have a quick and broad evaluation for making the decision.…show more content…
Obviously, Apple is already the monster in tech industry, which leads the music downloads market. Amazon has only achieved the success in digital book downloads. Therefore, music downloading service is not the absolute advantage of this firm. That is why Amazon would likely to face to many challenges such as the stagnation of this service, which does not meet customer’s needs. Furthermore, the situation remains would make Amazon lose customers. Besides, e-commerce and internet are considered not to be the best way and place for high- involvement purchases. The second error decisions that is also a trap for Bezos is that he sells so many luxury products such as diamond. Nowadays, technology develops rapidly, and it is the opportunity for high-tech criminal to break out any security network system. It leads to the business losses of many huge corporations all over the world. This problem can cause the failure of Amazon, which is predictable. 4. I. What are the latest initiatives coming out of Amazon? According to my research, the latest initiative of Amazon is Fire TV, an entertainment device, which has come out in April 2014. The service access for customers will be much easier and faster with this device. II. How do they stack up in relation to actual or potential competition? III. How has Zappos acquisition turned out? Since its founding in 1999, Zappos had become one of the world's largest
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