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SEO or search engine optimization approaches differ based on the platform you are using. Amazon search engine optimization or Amazon SEO differs from traditional SEO for several reasons, though the concepts are similar. How does Amazon SEO differ from traditional SEO, and how do you maximize your product’s rankings in Amazon searches? Titles Titles for Amazon products and webpages are equally important. Product names and key search terms should be included in the Amazon product title to rank well in Amazon searches. Alexa, Dot and Voice Search Amazon has been promoting sales of Amazon Dot and other information appliances tied into the Alexa artificial intelligence for several reasons. The greatest incentive for Amazon is being able…show more content…
Where possible, include input from the user community on your product page like customers answering each other’s’ questions on the products and advice on why one model is better than the other. Tailor Offers to Amazon Customers Your product’s listings must be tailored to what Amazon customers want. For example, a sizable percentage of shopping carts are abandoned when customers are surprised by extra shipping costs or additional fees. The solution is being clear on your shipping terms and associated costs up front in the purchasing process. In contrast, Amazon SEO should focus on qualifying for Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime One Day, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Global and other programs that reward customers with low to no shipping costs. Fulfillment by Amazon should be researched if you otherwise may not be able to ship products as quickly as your customers would want them to be. For example, fulfillment by Amazon could lead to much higher sales if you otherwise couldn’t meet the “get it by tomorrow” requirement for people requesting party items, replacement parts for appliances or medical items. Determine whether or not you can support repeat purchases on a schedule. The “subscribe and save” option is invaluable to businesses that are willing and able to enter a long term relationship with customers, since you now get a nearly
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