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Amazon SWOT Analysis On the hand, Amazon is equally competitive in the online setting as eBay and is, in fact, eBay 's main rival in the primary online market. Strengths Amazon’s three-prolonged strategic plan has been one of the greatest strengths in the entity over the years. The company uses cost leadership in the process of dealing with prices in the online markets (Murrell, 2014). The company has developed differentiation strategies especially in the approach to portfolio listing. The strategic plan has had a significant implication on Amazon’s growth because of the level of value that shareholders yield from the company (Bensinger, 2016). On the same note, Amazon has embraced the extent of competitive advantage it derives from…show more content…
Opportunities In the recent past, Amazon has developed an important online payment system that has seemed to improve the customers’ concerns related to online safety and privacy. The approach has become a significant advantage for Amazon over E-bay as the recent struggles to deal with the development of a secure payment platform. On the same note, Amazon has a critical opportunity that is related to the possible development of more products under the entity 's brand, as opposed to using third-party products and goods (Bensinger, 2016). The company has the chance to increase more of the Amazon brand products in the process of reducing stocks from other partners. Amazon can exploit the current online markets and building capacity in new markets that include new countries that have not yet experienced the impact of online markets. Threats Indeed, just like in the case of eBay, Amazon currently faces a major challenge related to online safety and security. The issue of identity theft and cyber threats such as hacking has resulted in the main concerns related to safety and security. On the hand, unlike in the case of eBay, Amazon’s use of cost leadership presents a major challenge for the company due to the threat of new entrants and competition from existing clients. Just like eBay, Amazon faces a threat associated with stiff competition from small-scale local retailers who often seem more agile and aggressive in their dealings. Managerial and Financial

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