Amazon : The Largest Online Retailer

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Amazon is the largest online retailer in America founded in 1994 by Jeffery Bezos. At this time the company he had started was being built in his on garage in Bellevue Washington. Its world headquarters are located in Seattle Washington. Amazon produces services for audiences worldwide with its online product and cloud computing. The website for amazon was set up in 1995 available in many different languages like: English, Chinese, French, German and Japanese. All of these are separate websites but the business model is the exact same, all similar. During the first few months Jeffery was devolving his business he had shipped and filled too all 50 states and 48 countries. Everyday Amazon get close to 615 million visitors annually due to a survey they had conducted. At first Amazon started as an online bookstore, amazon giving consumers the availability of more tittles than traditional book stores. Since it has grown immensely to provide products of all kind. In 1997 has problems with slow process getting multiple negative comments and complaints from investors. Following the little bump in the road Amazon than started to grow in 2002 they turned it into a profit around 3.9 billion dollars. Jeffery Bezos founder of amazon was that named Time magazines person in the year. From starting in selling books, amazon has ventured into selling clothing, food, jewelry, baby products, clothing, beauty products, sporting goods, cd’s, movies home appliances, electronics and the
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