Amazon : The Ultimate Bookstore

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Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon was originally intended to be the ultimate bookstore. At that time, most bookstores were brick and mortar buildings and this restricted the number of options they were capable of offering. Even the larger stores such as Barnes and Nobles and Borders might carry only a few hundred thousand books. Bezos wanted something larger, a place where consumers could find any book they wanted. This dream was what birthed Amazon. Where typical bookstores were limited by their retail space Amazon utilized the drop shipping services of outside suppliers and thus did not suffer from a restricted floor space. This business model allowed the company to offer “3.1 million titles by the end of 1998”, merely 4 years after the founding of the site (Amazon’s). Amazon also sought to further differentiate themselves from other stores. Because they were a web based business they were capable of building a program that offered suggestions for future purchases based on a customer’s past orders. This was revolutionary and succeeded in creating loyal customers and also encouraged extra purchases. By constructing the site in this mildly interactive manner Amazon built solid business-customer relationships and also business-business relationships between Amazon and the suppliers who benefited from the increased exposure. Having had success in selling books the company began to expand into other areas. One of the first products they offered was compact
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