Amazon and 3d Printing

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3d printing is no longer a theory or a concept. It has been available to industrial manufactures for the last few year but now as technology is advancing at its usual frightening pace the first home consumer printers are becoming available and like the original printers they are rapidly moving on from their slow, expensive and cumbersome beginnings . The Makerbot replicator 2 is an example of a 3d printer available to the consumer retailing for approx $2000. 3d printing relies on additive manufacturing which allows objects to be built layer by layer only using the exact amount of material needed reducing waste and of course allowing for more complicated designs to be printed in full form. Users can design a 3d model in computer software…show more content…
Not until iTunes years later was there a platform to purchase Mp3s and digital media and the industry could start to use this technology to improve customers experience and revenue streams instead of fighting it. Amazon has proven itself to be at the forefront of adapting to technology changes with the kindle book store offering a platform for downloading digital books and this meant book piracy never reached the rampant levels of music piracy. As Amazon has an extraordinary large consumer base it is in a unique position to offset potential physical 3d piracy by offering a platform for customers to download 3d print files and products. It is important for the company to be quick and decisive in changing its business model to adapt to this technology as like the music industry proved, if ignored too long consumers will be ready, willing and capable of pirating physical products. Only this time it is not only one music industry that is affected but dozens of physical and manufacturing industries such as toys, accessories, jewellery , furniture and many more. If this were to happen Amazon would lose out massively as a reseller of these products along with the manufactures themselves . User creation and consumer centric products 3d printing has the potential to rewrite business practises throughout the world. Mass production factories may no longer be required and economies of scale changed forever . One talented designer could
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