Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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Economics is the social science that studies the choices that individuals, businesses, government , and entire societies make as they cope with scarcity and the incentives that influence and reconcile those choices. Summary of the Article The purpose of this report is to evaluate E-commerce structure and strategy of Barnes & Noble and Amazon. As e-commerce market is highly competitive, it is important for the company to develop an effective strategy in order to gain customer’s loyalty, remain profitable and maintain the company’s image
This is investigates success of three online book websites and how or if they have expanded their markets. is the largest online book retailer and now is the largest online retailer.
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With the entrance to the book market by, Barnes & Noble found a big competitor, as it represented a new and innovative way of purchasing a book. Barnes and Noble and its major competitor, Amazon, a Specialty store that is competing to be the number one top source of obtaining reading materials that consumers are buying. Besides Amazon, Barnes and noble have had many other book store competitors but they successfully exceed these competitors and became the number one bookstore in the nation. Since Barnes and Noble had little pricing power, it has not solidified a high market position when it comes to these groups of retailers, like, which is known for providing discount pricing that most companies would struggle to match. Amazon sold electronic books, which was more efficient, lighter to use, contained many different books at a very low price in one small electronic call the kindle, whereas Barnes & Noble was selling hard copy books. security and privacy was for consumers to use credit/debit cards that allow customers to monitor their payments through their bank accounts, not worrying about getting Rob or having to carry a load of cash to go buy books. Barnes and Noble in the past didn’t have that security and privacy because every customer needed cash to go buy from their stores.
Journalist, David Carr view, Barnes & Noble is a company that did the right thing, and got
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