Amazon in the Year 2000

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Assignment 3 in the year 2000

Syed T.A Zaidi 100285122 BUSI 3150 Financial Statement Analysis Prof. Jane Bowen March 14th, 2011

Long Term Viability of Amazon Amazon had a significant vision in terms of its long-term viability. This vision consisted of many strategies that allowed them to operate efficiently and effectively. Amazon primarily raised profits by the means of developing strong brand equity on a global scale, developing direct relationship with wholesalers allowing them to reduce inventory shipping/holding costs supported by an excellent logistic system, which permitted them to deliver any and every product fast. They also started up this venture when the Internet market was just emerging, therefore allowing
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This is primarily why the markets reacted so significantly to Suria’s report. Amazon’s performance, Today In my opinion Amazon, had overturned all skepticism, and today is one of the leading online sellers of books. Amazon is very strong from a credit risk point of view, which could have been a result of Suria’s analysis back in 2000. Today Amazon has launched products such as the Kindle allowing them to yet again pursue another bubble of this century, E-Books. As the most recent financial statements of Amazon tell us they had an increase of 28% in the year over year net sales, with FCF’s increasing by 114%. 21 new products were added to the lineup of Amazon products. In today’s date Amazon not only sells books but almost everything a general store can sell, the year 2010 proved successful for them as they continued on increasing customer satisfaction index for their apparel sector, adding an estimate 7 million customer reviews on the website globally. Their product Kindle supported by the Kindle store now has more than 460,000 books available, another reason why more and more people would prefer using it over any other E-Book device. Overall in my opinion Amazon today continued to strive for the better, as any business out there it will definitely encounter problems and financial overthrows, but it will continue to hold a
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