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History Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and originally began as an online bookstore (The History of Amazon). Since its creation, Amazon has branched and has turned into an online super store where consumers can buy just about anything: clothing, jewelry, electronics, health and beauty products, home appliances and more. By 2011, Amazon was raking in a staggering fifty billion dollars in revenue (Sawhney, 2014). Since the beginning, Amazon has been known to invest in emerging opportunities, even before they were known to be profitable (Sawhney, 2014). They were a company built on innovation, and in a statement made by Bezos, “invention is in Amazon’s DNA” (Sawhney, 2014). Amazon had persistently been on the front line of…show more content…
The Dilemma Since there are numerous tablets available in today’s market, it has become increasingly difficult for Amazon to differentiate itself from the competition. In fact, the year 2011 was deemed the “year of the tablet” as twenty-one different tablets were launched into the market that year alone (Sawhney, 2014). Barnes and Noble introduced its Nook product line in 2009, which, among other benefits, featured a six-inch screen and 168-hour battery life (Sawhney, 2014). They would later launch the Nook Color in 2010 and the Follow-On Nook tablet in 2011, both of which featured access to third-party Apps available in the Barnes and Noble Marketplace and the capability to stream multimedia content (Sawhney, 2014). In April 2010, Apple’s iPad was born and became one of the years’ most desired devices (Sawhney, 2014). One year later, the iPad 2 was released which featured a slew of new benefits, from faster processor speed to high-resolution front and back facing cameras (Sawhney, 2014). Apple seemed to have created a device perfectly balanced somewhere between a smart phone and a laptop and consumers loved it, reflected in Apple’s sixty-seven percent market share in 2011 (Sawhney, 2014). Google Android tablets were also introduced into the market, for example, Samsung’s line
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