Amazon 's Big Play For Grocery Business Essay

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Summary: In the Bloomberg News’ article ‘Inside Amazon 's Big Play for Grocery Business’, their concentrated focus was surrounding Amazon’s pilot program “AmazonFresh”. The experiment is a project where Amazon deliver fresh food. Knowing delivering fresh food service is a difficult form in the grocery business, Amazon found the potential of the growing business in the millennial age. AmazonFresh began in the Seattle area which offered doorstep delivery, saving consumers time from grocery shopping. So far the expansion of the development reached 16 U.S. markets and London. Strength: The idea of the project is refreshing and target the right individual. A strength of the business is their consumers are immediately fascinated by the new business. Today’s generation are constantly updating in technology to where it becomes part of their daily life. Individuals assumed shoppers will not accept the idea of buying fresh food online without seeing and touching the item before purchasing. They also said this about online purchasing of furniture and cars, but consumers continue to purchase online. From the collected statistics from International Business Times article ‘The Future For E-Grocery: Amazon (AMZN) Fresh Retains Lead, But Startups Jump In’, “Almost 40 percent of e-grocery shoppers preferred AmazonFresh over other online food retailers”. Because of their increasing grocery business, they’re part of the competitive market between the top corporations; for an example,
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