Amazon 's Biggest Selection Of Online Retail Products

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Why are people buying their groceries and other products online instead of shopping at the actual store? The main reason is because of how much time it saves. has created an environment where users can access millions of products online in a reliable and easy manner. The ease of sitting at your dinning room table to order groceries for your family is much more time saving than packing everyone into the car to run to Publix on a Saturday afternoon. Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder of Amazon, has created “earth’s biggest selection” of online retail products. The availability of Amazon products is astounding; as of May 2013, Amazon has 49 fulfillment centers spread across eight countries including the
United States, Canada, France,
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In addition to drones as a form of transportation, a car service, kind of like a travel service, was scheduled to be in use at the beginning of 2015. A 15% commission will be awarded to amazon, transporting clients to hotels and restaurants. In addition, the grocery aspect of the AmazonFresh service will be developing in 2015. The U.S. Postal service and Amazon will shuttle meat, dairy, produce and other groceries in insulated containers. Amazon has developed this service in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. New products that Amazon has recently taken advantage of are P&G warehouses (Boardroom Insiders). Within the P&G warehouses, Amazon will cut delivery time and costs by using products like shampoo and toilet paper to compete more effectively. Amazon is also in conversation with other big time industries such as Seventh Generation, Kimberly Clark, and Georgia Pacific. Another new service Amazon will be adding to their company deals with the use of warehouse robots fro its Kiva Systems. They predicted 10,000 robots to be used within the various warehouses around the world by 2014. The robots will act as a delivery system, distributing products to employees within the warehouse. takes shopping to new heights1 The whole sector of the Amazon company that deals with streaming music and movies is also increasing positively, as more options and more demand has been
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