Amazon 's First Delivery Via Drone

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On December 14, 2016, Amazon made its first delivery via drone [1]. This marks the era of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). UAVs have a long history of innovations and inventions in their past. They combine aspects of everything from aerodynamics to materials science and chemical energy storage to computer programming. Like many other cutting edge technologies, UAVs are highly controversial. They have a vast capability to do harm and are already being integrated into warfare situations, killing enemy combatants. Additionally, UAVs are being increasingly utilized for aerial footage and surveillance, bringing into question an individual 's right to privacy. On the other side, UAVs also have an immense ability to do good in the world. UAVs…show more content…
Not much remains private, when at any moment a surveillance camera could be watching. In the past decades, american citizens have been increasingly monitored for security risk. Though the fourth amendment protects citizens from “unreasonable searches and seizures” [3], this does not actually have the precedent of stopping actions such as government wiretaps. In fact, the Constitution never specifically mentions privacy or its status as an individual’s right. Thus it can be argued that there is little standing in the way of some ever present UAV cameras. Surveillance of this magnitude would create such an overwhelming amount of footage that it would be impossible for officials to go through every minute, meaning that the drones themselves would have to learn what to look for. At the end of this strain of thought lies the truth that robots would be the ones telling UAVs what to watch [2], taking humans out of the equation once again. This would remove the need for many jobs. In fact, the introduction of UAVs would also decrease jobs in many other fields across the board. Even something as seemingly innocuous as Amazon’s drone delivery service is expected to force many workers in the chain of delivery to lose their livelihoods. Colloquially, UAVs could cause loss of both jobs and privacy. Conversely, UAVs have an incredible ability to help in disasters. In 2015, when earthquakes struck Nepal, many towns were too remote and isolated
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