Amazon 's Marketing Strategy Analysis Essay

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industry to better attract their business to even more people worldwide. Amazon can operate their efforts and capabilities from start to finish. UPS and FedEx now become immediate competitors that once shipped Amazon’s volume. Amazon would take market share away from their rivals and could capture even more market share from the retail sector. Making sure that Amazon executes their strategy carefully is the key to success. Their shipping costs mentioned above are expected to go up year after year and profitable retail sectors needs to offset the loss that they will take under shipping expenses. Trying to move too quickly on the shipping side can decrease key ratios like Operating Margin over the years. Amazon needs to make sure that this is a fully viable option before they jump fully in.
Intra-Industry Analysis
Amazon has captured market share and won the loyalty over of many people worldwide. With a membership Prime program, Amazon has revolutionized the way the average person’s shop. Since inception, Amazon has operated on a different business model than most. Amazon is currently at a growth phase in the business adventures. They are trying to expand and find ways to cover as many business models as possible. Breaking through to the shipping sector only gives Amazon a way to sustain their internal e-commerce business. Within this growth area, Amazon has bought transportation equipment and collaborated with airlines to help start their move into the shipping industries.
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