Amazon 's Product And Service

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Amazon is using different operating models to provide products and service to customers. There are three distinct models that offers, each with a different supply chain. The three models are as seller, as intermediary, and as full-service e- commerce provider. Amazon as Seller The basic Amazon sales channel is the web store front- end which serves as their core business. Customers go to the website, browse products, and place orders. Amazon is responsible for all front-end customer relationships and back-end logistics in this model. Once an order is placed, Amazon decides which internal distribution center or drop shipper should be responsible for shipping the order to the customers. After that, Amazon will responsible for coordinating the fulfillment of the order. When products are sourced from its internal distribution centers, then Amazon start to picks, packs, and ships the order. When products are sourced from a drop shipper, such like a book distributor, the distributor packages the products by using the Amazon box delivers it to the customer (Maltz et al., 2004). This model requires Amazon to maintain or purchase inventory for immediate selling. In this model, Amazon owns the customer relationship, provides the technology, owns or purchases the inventory, and executes the logistics as well. Besides that, another part of Amazon as a seller model includes the Syndicated Stores program, which allows third-party
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