Amazon 's Success And Customer Service

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Amazon has earned a great reputation in customer service for allowing customers to shop without face to face, avoiding talking to a customer’s service representative agent on the phone, everything it done online. Sales clerk does not exist, everything is ordered with a click of the mouse, and arrives extremenely quick in the mail (Cohen, 2009). Amazon at interval has gotten involved with the customers when they can have too. According to Green, H. (2009), “Amazon stands out most markedly from other companies, and helps explain how the company earned the No. 1 spot on Business Week’s customer service ranking this year”( para. 1).
Amazon make sure that customer service is the best, Customers experience low prices through Amazon, the fastest delivery, having a form of reliable contact. Amazon customer service problems have allowed retailers to sell itme on the website, to make broaden the worlds selections of products. Amazon has a rival EBAY, which also allows merchant to sell and buy through its site, but with eBay there has been complaints with poor service and fraud (Cohen, 2009).
Amazon has put many safeguards in place to protect its customers and track their behavior, for instant buyers can use an e-mail service on the Amazon site to communicate with Amazon and have a monitor conversations. The company also uses metrics such as how frequently the customers complain about a merchant and how often a merchant cancels an order because the product isn 't in stock
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