Amazon 's Vision And Decision Essay

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As executives of Amazon examined its online retailer business, they realized a growing trend in cloud computing to innovate and build dynamic capabilities to create a competitive advantage that provides value for the consumers. Amazon Web Services (AWS) was first conceived to deliver web services capabilities for developers to leverage as building blocks, however, as its services matured, enterprises are now using the AWS platform as a feasible solution and novelty to quickly deploy applications without procuring infrastructure. Moreover, by understanding business drivers, AWS was able to reinvent its strategy through a process cycle of exploitations and enhancements to be relevant and complementary atop the industry. Equally, I believe a nurturing culture with discipline and patience helped AWS to be the dominate leader in the cloud computing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) ecosystem. Introduction Amazon business started in 1994 as an e-commerce merchant, and while expanding its abilities as the leading online retailer, Amazon recognized, orchestrated, and launched new dynamic capabilities in cloud computing by 2006. This paper will analyze the drivers behind Amazon’s vision and decision to complement its core business model to incorporate a novelty, which was outside the retail industry. In addition, discuss Amazon’s strategy to deliver web services that are reliable, scalable, simple to use, quick to start, and cost effective. Furthermore, besides technology,
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