Amazon's Business Model: A Case Study

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Amazon: A Case Study Features of Amazon's Strategy Amazon understood firsthand that the competitive advantage of a company originates immediately from how distinctive the organization's resources and competencies are. Amazon is able to both engage in production at a lower cost and generate a superior product at a standard cost. This is accomplished mostly via Amazon's strategy of having a wide variety of goods and competitive pricing. Customers know they can find basic products at slashed prices or high quality goods at standard prices and this is all achieved via the enormous range of products and product brands and types available on their massive marketplace. For example, the depiction displayed in the case study which shows how growth was related directly to: lower cost structure- lower prices customer experience traffic sellers -selection and convenience. While this is a grave oversimplification of the Amazon business model, it demonstrates how many aspects of the strategy reinforced one another. Another aspect of the Amazon's strong and steady success was that it devoted itself to becoming the most customer-centric online marketplace. Amazon always believed that shopping and searching for items had to be the simplest and easiest experience for customers and that via this ease and simplicity customers would continue to shop at Amazon. This philosophy has by and large been an enormous reason for Amazon's rapid growth and expansion. For example, the founder Bezos

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