Amazon's Career Choice Program

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Some corporations do not have a clear understanding on what the public really wants and what the society expects from a company (Mohr, Webb, & Harris, 2001). Microsoft knew exactly what the society wants to see regarding its social behavior. The organization is acting in a socially responsible way, by beginning a process in which the company goes completely carbon neutral across all of the company’s operations. Furthermore, each business unit will be responsible for its behavior. If the process fails Microsoft will lose a lot of money because it is a huge corporation. The program Microsoft is trying to achieve is good for the environment and makes the company looks good to the public (Grgurich, 2012).
Amazon Corporation is also a great example of a company that cares about its public image. Amazon recently announced a new employee development program called The Amazon Career Choice Program. Amazon will give all its full-time workers the chance to undergo job training at the company’s expense. The most important accept of this program is that the job the employee is performing has nothing to do with the field he wants to be working in. This program helped the corporation public reputation because it is helping all Americans to work in a job they are actually interested in (Grgurich, 2012).
Consumers are always the top concern for any business organization. Producing any product that might be dangerous for the customers will cause the company its reputation and long-term
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