Amazon's Pricing Strategy : Amazon

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Amazon is an American based company known as best online retailer offering all consumer goods with online option to buy. The company is having its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Amazon is ranked as the largest internet based retailer with all varieties of goods and products with reasonable prices and great quality. Amazon started its online service by starting as a bookstore, later expanding its range with DVD’s, furniture, gadgets and many more electronic devices so as to attract consumers and to make easy for them to buy anything online anytime and anywhere they want. AMAZON’S PRICING STRATEGY Amazon is a global expanded company offering online service to consumers making convenient for them to buy anything at any time. With growing competition in the market with other companies coming up with more range in products and online service, Amazon has maintained its competence level and an image among consumers by applying different pricing strategy to attract more consumers and remain competitive in the online retail market. As consumers are more attracted to low prices or affordable price great quality of products, Amazon always came up with beating all prices of other retailers like Wal-Mart, Toys “R” Us as they don’t go very low for prices in order to make more profits, but Amazon always changes its prices by noticing or keeping record of prices set up by all other retailers. Amazon is known to be changing its prices many times in a day by comparing them so as to

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