Amazon's Swot Analysis : Strategic Objectives

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Strategic Objectives Here possible strategic objectives will be discussed from most to least feasible, based on the opportunities and threats mentioned earlier through Amazon’s SWOT analysis. “Strategic business objectives are goals deemed most important to the current and future health of a business” (Burris, n.d., para. 1). Once an organization has a list of strategic objectives or goals, it must execute, then measure them. “Once a strategy has been implemented, its execution must be monitored to determine the extent to which strategic goals and objectives are actually being achieved, and to what degree competitive advantage is being created and sustained” (Hill et al., 2014, p. 20). It’s great to have a list of strategic objectives, although if an organization is unable to implement them, then they are only going through the motions. Consequently, before we can list strategic objectives, let’s review the opportunities and threats previously mentioned. Amazon’s SWOT analysis listed their opportunities being; increased retail sale, growing emphasis in online advertising, and increasing demand for cloud services. Conversely, their threats were listed as; and increased pressure to collect sales tax for online merchandise, e-reader market competition, and foreign exchange fluctuation. Based on these opportunities and threats, we offer the following possibilities for strategic objectives. Additionally, in offering these possibilities it is important to determine

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