Amb200 Consumer Behaviour Assessment Item1: Portfolio Sem2 2012

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[you may format this page however you like but it must contain the following information] AMB200 Consumer Behaviour Assessment Item 1: Portfolio Sem 2 2012 | Student name: Ling Yan WongStudent number: 07633599 | Tutorial time: Wednesday, 11a.m.-12a.m.Tutorial number:Tutor: | Introduction The consumer behaviour that I have selected is “choosing a restaurant for a special occasion”. In this case, I would like to choose a restaurant to celebrate my boyfriend’s 24th birthday. The ideal restaurant should be brand new; the environment should be romantic and comfortable. The food needs to be delicious and delicate. I hope to find a romantic western style restaurant which with beautiful night views. Red wines…show more content…
In what circumstances could your decision style have been opposite to the one you identified? Some decision that need to be made in a hurry, so I have no time to think carefully and do some researches, so I would turn my decision style to automated decision style. What would make you change your decision style? Having no time to think makes me change my decision style. Part B – Application 5. Using consumer behaviour theory from your textbook, explain why: i) you used limited or extended problem solving I use extended problem solving. For the part of information research, I do a lot of researches on different restaurants, I need to consider including the environment, the food style, the taste of food, the special requirements (red wines, desserts, night views), and also the location of the restaurants. So it takes me a long time to decide, which I would evaluate all these considerations before consumption and make a choice between those restaurants. I would also contact the restaurant to make a booking for table or ask for the details in order to ensure the consumption. ii) your decision was rational or automated My decision was rational. I made the decision based on reason and facts, and by steps and steps. First, I did many researches. Second, I took times to read the information and evaluate. Third, I made my best choice after evaluating processes. Finally, I confirmed the

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